Most Common PC Problems


A lot of people panic whenever they encounter a computer problem. What most are not aware of is that a good percentage of the time, computers don’t need to be taken to an IT professional for it to be fixed. Most have very easy and simple solutions that you yourself can do at home. Here are the most common PC problems.

1. Computer won’t turn ON – this could be because of a failing power supply. Check if computer is plugged properly.

2. Blank screen but computer is ON – If the problem is on a laptop, much better to take to a professional. If it’s on a regular computer, then make sure that the monitor is plugged in a power point.

3. The screen is frozen – Press and hold the power button until it turns off, wait for a minute or two and restart the computer.

4. Overheating- when your computer is getting hot, it is advisable to turn it off and let it rest. Make sure that the cooling fan is working properly.