My Computer Is SLOW


One of the many frustrating things that can happen to a person is when they are trying to work using their computer but the computer is running too slow. I personally have a mini- heart attack when this happens. This is such a common PC problem but a lot of people do a lot of complaining instead of troubleshooting. The truth is, most slow computer issues can be fixed easily. The first step is to reboot your computer. Some might not have been reboot for awhile and computers need this. Next step is to check if your computer still has room. You should at least have 200-500MB free hard drive space. If your computer has enough space, make sure there is nothing physically wrong in your hard drive by running the ScanDisk test.

Another reason for slow computer is when it is over heating. Make sure you give enough air flow. If you are in a particularly hot area, the best solution is get some air from an AC or fan to reach your computer. Spyware or other virus is also a big factor in slowing down a computer.